The Murder Shed



 Kevin came across a great neighborhood early last year. The mecca of Victorville pools, about four to a block!  Sure it fails in comparison to the badlands, but at the time we were staying local. It was beautiful, the kind of neighborhood that the least of your worries are the police. Houses in shambles, gangs, drugs, poverty creeping in like darkness around the last few contributing to society. We were overwhelmed, having come across a handful of pools that day. Working with buckets at the time, we opted for those of the least work.

 Continuing on the grid, we see a house in total disaray.  Every door and window boarded up, boasting auction signs aswell as no trespassing signs, neglected and abused. Instantly spotting the pump to the side of the house, my heartbeat jumped. Trying to hide my excitement and stay inconspicuous we slipped past the chain link fence. Every step closer bringing sight to this beauty. Red bullnose, those wonderful blue tiles, smooth white walls with less than two feet of fresh water.  It may as well have been made of gold. No one ever appreciated that pool as much as we instantly did.

 Second day out I can hear someone out front on the phone. After a few nervous minutes I go out front and address him. Apparently he’s a realtor and didn’t even realize we were there.  He was pretty surprised and tried to send us on our way. I played the logic game and won. He told us they were having an open house the next few days, but after that he would turn his back.  We skated it without problems for months. Long, comfortable sessions then just left it alone for awhile.

 A few months later we returned to see the house being remodeled. Still empty we snuck back, knowing it was coming to an end. Inching around the corner brought real pain. The pool had been vandalised by bikers and gangster wannabes. Coping removed or destroyed, spraypaint all over the walls, ladder bashed in. The pool now resembled the house as we found it. I decided this was the end, It was now a high risk pool. We took our final runs, paid our respects and moved on.


One Response to “The Murder Shed”

  1. Ozzie Ausband Says:

    You gotta love those ghetto neighborhoods…sometimes the worst place in town can hold out the most promise, and give up the greatest gift. Well done! Ozzie

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