For the previous five years I hadn’t been skating much and was pretty lost. I had no passion for anything and was just going through the routine. Working, paying bills; having the life sucked out of me. Knowing soon I would lose it, grabbed my backpack and my board and took off to Oahu. I skated for miles, just wandering around. enjoying the beauty. I came to the conclusion this was paradise. you’d have to be an AIG exec to screw it up. Great foods are there for the taking, surrounded by scenic landscapes, warm weather and water. A selfsustaining wonderland, everything at your fingertips. The only thing I would miss is the excess of SBC pools.

 I remembered the freedom of skating, bound by no rules. Without structure it can’t be explained, and leads to how its marketed. If you don’t get it, seek regulation and find comfort in the approval of the masses. I’m not interested in what skateboarding has been regulated into, I don’t watch extreme events, I don’t even watch tv, I rarely look at any in print skate publications and productions. Skateboarding fits better as an artform. Only understood by the artist, and appreciated by other artists. I think this is a good thing. The most fun is underground, typically illegalwith only my friends.

 Eventually I found the bonzai skatepark. Completely hidden off the the entrance is only a small clearing between vegetation. There were a few rippers there, I made my way to the empty bowl in the corner. I hadn’t skated seriously in years, so didn’t fare to well.
An old local comes over and starts talkin about the lines, “frontside, backside, over the light…stairs.” I kind of laugh, not taking him seriously. He drops in and destroys it, it was Mark Partain.

 Amazingly enough, I returned home. I had passion now though, and have skated rountinely and enjoyed most everyday.It’s been said “I’ve turned my back on my board, but it’s never turned it’s back on me.” I definately keep this in mind, day to day. 2009 ended up being the best year to date. I ended up skating with Mark pretty regularly during his stay at P.K.’s ridiculous. Between that place and the SSC, many memorable sessions and times have taken place. Thanks to everyone who gets it.

Thanks to Ozzie for the shot of me.


2 Responses to “Ripride”

  1. Ozzie Ausband Says:

    i get it…u rule bro. get better soon. we need u out here! ozzie

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