Maybe Just Happy.


 My pool pal Ozzie has been kind enough to take me out on some sessions, during my downtime. I know that extra heads are a bit of a burden on remaining inconspicuous, so I am very greatful. At least I am able to snap some blog worthy photos, for Ozzie and myself.  A point and click fury documenting history.

On one of the trips I caught a few of Ozzie and Lance, complete with these priceless facial expressions. This one was just too good to leave alone. While hanging out at Peter King’s after the days trip, I spiffed it up and sent it to Oz. He really lost it laughing for quite a bit. The humor of Lance being stoked on something so trivial just cracked him up, especially knowing that what just went down was mind blowing.

It wasn’t what I was getting at with the captions, but I definately can see the humor. I just wanted to break down how stoked they both were, it was the same as watching someone make the light for the first time. It’s why we skate, what seperates skateboarders from so many. I’m stoked everytime I get to skate, nothing compares to it. Everytime I overtake a new obstacle, the feeling literally can’t be beat.  It has no measurable value-you can’t buy it, steal it, or see it. But we all know it.  Its not that we didn’t grow up, just that we never gave up or gave in.


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