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Get Well NOW!!!!!

August 23, 2010

Hope the knee feels better


Above the Clouds

August 22, 2010


August 13, 2010

Hilo, HI



Downtown Honolulu

Phone Home.

August 8, 2010

Not enough Baldy!

August 7, 2010

Made another trek out with skate the familia Ozzie, Mike Serna Jr., and Kevin Burke. Hands down my favorite hole to skate. Its amazing how good this place is, and its hammered! I can’t get over how good this and pools are to skate, it’s unbelievable they weren’t made for skating. When I skate baldy or some backyard gems, I just wonder why skateparks can’t be this good. Baldy is some of the harshest terrain there is; holes, bumps, rocky pitted bottom- and pools are lumpy as hell! If skateparks were built to these standards plenty would throw a fit! DIY parks excluded from this rant!

When big heads get involved, skateparks get boring! The hell with all the contests. I’m stoked those guys get money, but its not what skateboarding is about! I’m not watching!  We did it up right as we do!

Skating the swamp cooler

August 4, 2010

here’s some more powershot video, I’m only behind the lense this run.

Shred the Hive

August 2, 2010

Jed and I made the pilgrimage through the hot desert to the wasteland known as the hive. Trips out there always seem to be made in the midst of summer, the heat is tremendous and relentless. I went down hard catching a crack coming down the wall right from the start- got away without injury, just a reminder that the terrain is gnarly as it comes. Jed laid down some ollies on the walls, then we seshed the top waterfall.  We took some runs, and decided to get some point and shoot video towards the end. This place is begging for a little crete help, the possibilities are endless.