Pali Lookout


King Kamehameha led his army in the most bloody and relentlessly fierce battle in Hawaiian history. During this time, in 1795, the king forced the opposing armies of O’ahu up to Nu’uanu Pali, or what is now the lookout. His army fought the opposing soldiers near the steep cliffs, where they fell to their deaths.
In 1897, an engineering firm was hired to build what is now the Old Pali Road. During construction, the workers found about 800 human skulls and other bones at the foot of the cliff. To this day, many people believe that the soldiers of the bloody battle still haunt the area. It has been reported in the past that strong winds occasionally gust across the lookout, with the strength to push a person over the edge of the cliff. Fireballs and other unknown sources of light are seen at night, illuminating the shadows of soldiers being cast off the cliff.

Panoramic photo by Mike Rippengale


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