Ride The Lightning


I camped out on the roof during a thunderstorm a few month back, trying to capture some lightning. It seemed really difficult and I really didn’t think got anything. I didn’t seem fasted enough on the shutter, and it was near impossible to be facing the right direction. Once I processed the roll, I was surprised and stoked with the results. I managed to get something on almost every shot I was able to snap off.



4 Responses to “Ride The Lightning”

  1. Surfsister Says:

    I think you’ve found your calling (photography), Sam. All of the shots I’m seeing on your blog are really good!

  2. cindi Says:

    You would be doing it at your own bidding if YOU took pictures of what you wanted and sold them to be enjoyed by everyone else! Just a thought. I am very proud of you – you have definetly found your calling!!

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