Blue Tile Oz.


Anyone unfamiliar with Blue Tile Obsession please give it a look, Its in the links on this page. Ozzie pumps out the best pool stories that there are. He took me under his wing cleaning pools on a regular basis, his dedication to skateboarding is as intense as it gets. But unfortunately our pool cleaning/mosquito abatement and drowning prevention work is still frowned upon. He caught some slack from the “law” this weekend. They’re quick to throw whatever violations at you that they think sound good, because most don’t know better and pay the fines. Pool skaters often get vandalism and trespassing charges thrown at them even when most of the time neither of those should be prosecutable. If they’re feeling real frisky they may even arrest you and impound all of you equipment/vehicle, which theres no beating the fines and time lost.
Ozzie is a Marine as well as an R.N. but has been living more modestly under the radar and spending more time focused on personal well being. Pick yourself up a T-shirt to help keep Oz where he belongs, in pools.

The story from Oz


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