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April Pools. Contest Tomorrow.

April 1, 2011


KB Ojai reds.

March 16, 2011


March 1, 2011

Just trying to keep rolling.

February 24, 2011

Leftover Crack in Victorville.

February 19, 2011

Show info At VVEC

K.I.L. Fanpage


February 10, 2011


February 1, 2011


January 6, 2011

Wood burning hot tub? This is one of the coolest places I’ve ever been.

Soon to be a deep fried delight, minimal lead included.

not bad for 8 guys, served a weekend full of fun.


January 1, 2011

I went over to one of my best friends in the world the other night. He was building a muffler for his hondacar when I showed up. Once finished up and installed, then decided since he was drinking I should test drive it and pick up some more whiskey for him. So off we go. We take a little pleasure cruise while I’m getting used to it. Before to long he’s telling me to drive it harder, “shift at about 9100!”, “drive it like its yours!”. Well we find a suitable spot to pick up a pint, then off on some more cruising. The roads are still a mess from the week long rainstorm, and we came around a curve into what was basically a riverbed. I tried to hit the brakes and slow before we were in it, but it was to late. Brakes broke the rear loose, slide left, spin right, hit an embankment spun around another time or two and fin. He got out took a look, and then we proceeded to limp it back home on three flats, and an array of other damage. We get back put the car on stands and tore it down working until 2:30 in the morning. The pictures are post day.

He was just about to put the car up for sale, again…. It likes him too much to ever let him go. I couldn’t feel any worse about the situation. Happy New Year.

Heroes And Zeros from MRZ

December 31, 2010

Looking forward to this solo event from one of the raddest skate photographers and just a rad guy in general. MRZ=PURE STOKE on board and behind the lens.

At Concrete Disciples

And a cool interview with Ray